Eiropas čempionāts S550

Chodzież, Polija, 26.09 - 27.09


European Powerboat Championships In class S-550

International Powerboat Championships In classes OSY – 400, T - 550

Chodzież – Miejskie Lake26 -27 .09.2009.

1. Organizer.

In authorization of Polish Powerboat and Water Skiing Assosation:

- Race Commitee of International Powerboats Championships in Chodziez

- „HALS”, Chodzież Sport Assosation

- Polish Powerboat and Water Skiing Assosation In Warsaw,

- City council of Chodzież,

- City council of Zbąszyń,

- „LOK” sailing club of Chodzież,

- „OPTY” sailing club of Chodzież,

- Sport &Recreation Center of Chodzież,

- Chodzież Culture Center.

2. Date and place of the competition.

The competition will be held according to UIM and MMP calendar on 26th &27th of September 2009.

3. Classes and series.

S – 550- European powerboat championships,

OSY – 400 – International powerboat championships

T – 550- International powerboat championships

(classes OSY &T – Prize of ending powerboat 2009 season

in Europe)

4. Races.

4.1.The races will be held according to:

- UIM regulations

- regulations of this championships

4.2.The races shall be held on racing circuit (length 1500m)

-proceding on enclosed plan.

4.3.In class S-550 there will be 4 hetas, 3 best races

shall be counting for the final result.

4.4.In other classes will be 3 heats, counting for the final result.

4.5.The length of the circuit and the number of laps:

S-55012000m. -8 laps

T-55012000m. -8 laps

OSY-4007500m. -5 laps

4.6.In all classes the drivers are obligate to make 1 safety lap.

4.7.The driver who will not make a safety lap or will be not respond for race closing signals will be disqualified in that heat.

4.8.The driver will be classified when it runs at least 75% length of that heat .

4.9 The drivers of all classes, in each heats will be classified according to points system of UIM regulations (article 318.01)

5. There will be only one restart, according to - art.311.02 UIM., expect

final race (fourth) in class S-550.

6. Entries.

6.1.Etries must be sent before 24th of September 2009 by post, fax, or email, on enclosedregistration card, confirmed by National Federation.

Contact adress:

Chodzieskie Stowarzyszenie Sportowe HALS

ul. Staszica 12 (Przystań nad jeziorem)

64-800 Chodzież

e-mail : reminowa1@wp.pl

6.2.Entry signed personally by driver is treat as acceptation regulations of European Powerboat Championships Chodzież 2009.

6.3.Entries sent after 24th of September 2009 wouldn’t be publish in official program.

6.4.All the drivers shall participate in the event at their own expense.

6.5.All the drivers shall be exempt from the entry fee.

7. Start

7.1.Dead engine start from the jetty according to UIM art.307, signal by lights

(bouys 1,2,3).

7.2.The organizers guarantee start places for 16 drivers.

7.3.In case of entry more drivers than 16 in each class, there will be qualifying heats. Length 6000 meters – 4 laps.

7.4. Late start obligatory must be on bouy nr. 3 and entrance on racecourse after bouy nr 3 accross safety area.

7.5. In each boat during the start may be only two mechanics.

8. Drivers meeting.

8.1. Obligatory drivers meeting with UIM Commisioner &OOD shall be held

on HALS harbour on Sunday 27.09. at 8.00am and 8.30am.

8.2.After drivers meeting and during the competition, OOD and Medical Commisioner can make alcohol test of each driver.

9. Scrutineering.

9.1.Technical inspection shall be held in Boat Park (DEPO) in

basis of Technical Inspection Card. Each driver should receive Technical

Card in race Office. Technical Inspection will be working on Saturday

26.09 of September from 10.00 to 13.00.

9.2.During technical inspection will be request:

-actual boat certificate and engine homologation,

-accordance of all equipment with UIM rules.


9.3.Technical Officers will be weightings boats and measurement engine noise

(in Boat Park).

10. Trainings.

10.1.Trainings only on the racecourse after scrutineering and according to

time schedule.

10.2.Lawless training beside time schedule and disturb UIM rule nr 10.1

bring disqualification in all competition.

10.3.Trainings will be signalize from start jetty by board and skyrocket.

(white or green beging, red ending).

10.4.During the training will be time measurement for all classes.

Each driver is obligated to make minimum two full laps.

10.5.Obtain results will decide about order on start jetty for the

first heat or qualifying heats.

11. Boat Park -DEPO.

11.1.DEPO will be guarding form 10.00 on Saturday to 16.00 on


11.2.It is forbidden to be in Boat Park during openig &closing Ceremony and

night hours.

11.3.It is permitted to park boats in appointed place .

11.4.The Boat Park can only be entered on presenting an ID of the competitor

.or mechanic.

11.5.It is forbidden to use open fire. Smoking only in special area.

11.6.On siren signal everybody must leave Boat Park.

11.7.Parking cars in Boat Park is forbidden.

11.8.It is forbidden to organise camping in Boat Park.

11.9.Each boat in the boat park shall have a fire extinguisher from the

equipment of competitor’s car.

12. Launching and lifting boats.

12.1.Craning is only in classes S-550 i T-550.

12.2.The equipment of each boat must comply with the previsions

of Art. 205.12

12.3.Craning is taken only for driver responsibility.

12.4.It is forbidden to be in craning area during launching and lifting.

13. Enviromental care (art.700 UIM).

13.1.Each participant must care for the environment pursuant.

13.2 Each driver is obligated to put oil box under the engine

against polluted area in Boat Park.

13.3.Used oil should be puted to special boxes in Boat Park.

13.4.The Technical Committee will perform measurements of the noise level

Pursuant to UIM Art. 504.

13.5.The organizer follow through UIM art.704.

14. Minimum age.

14.1.Minimum age of driver in international championships is 16 years old.

15. Prizes.

15.1.Drivers who are compete in European Championships gets:

-from 1st-3rd place -- medals

-from 1st-6th cups

15.2.In the remaining classes drivers shall receive cups for the first 3 places.

16. Jury.

The representatives of national teams who will be delegated to the International

Jury shall give on 26th of September 2009 powers of attorney of their national

representantions in the reception of the event.

17. Insurance.

17.1.The basis admitance for the race is vailid insurance OC &NW, according

to this regulations point 17.2 .

17.2.Each driver is obligated to buy insurance in the race ofice, which


17.3.From duties (point 17.2 &17.1) are freed up drivers who are in Polish

National Team, if they show PZMWiNW insurance.

18. Protests

18.1 Protests must be handed in the times and form defined in Art. 403 in Polish or

English in the Race Office and addressed to the International Jury.


18.2 The protest fee shall be 300 PLN – about 60 EUR.

19. Race office

19.1 Reception of the competition shall be held in hall of „DELFIN” swimmingpool

and it will be open on Saturday 26.09 from.10.00 to 16.00.

19.2 The Race Office will be open during competition and 1 hour after.

The Race Office will be held in WOPR harbour (finish line &OOD residence)

19.3 The secretary of Technical Inspection and International Jury, will be held

near boards with the results.

20. Fuel

20.1 Drivers of each classes are obligated to buy unleaded petrol (95 octan), by it

self on „PKN ORLEN” petrol station in Chodzież, Ujska street (24h open).

20.2 Technical fuel specification from this Gas Station will have Technical

Inspection during competition.

21. Final regulations

21.1 The organizer reserve a right for make a changes in this regulations, which will show at the latest on drivers meeting in writing form.

21.2 Medical Commisioner reserve a right for make medical control of all drivers

and deposite their medical books.

21.2.1 Technical Inspection will make fuel test art. 508.09 and alcohol test,

art. 205.02.2. UIM Regulations.

21.3 For damaged buoy the organizer will charge a fee of 450 PLN

(about 100EUR) art. 313.03.

21.4 The Organizer reserve the right for interpret these rules.

21.5 Each driver is obligated to take part in opening and closing ceremony.

21.6 The Organizer shall guaranteeaccomandation to participants who will

register for the competition on time and made agree of reservation.

Corespondence adress:

Chodzieskie Stowarzyszenie Sportowe HALS

64-800 Chodzież

ul. Staszica 12(przystań nad jeziorem)

tel. fax,+48 67 2829349

e-mail : reminowa1@wp.pl


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