Advance Programme, Eiropas čempionāts Formula R 1000

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Alūksne, Latvija, 17.07 - 19.07

European Championship

Formula R 1000

July 17th-19th , 2009.

Aluksne, Latvia


Aluksnes pilsētas dome

Darza iela 11, Alūksne Latvija, LV4301

Latvijas Ūdens motosporta federācija

Dārzu iela 29, Jūrmala

Latvija, LV-2008


European championship event working group together with representatives from

Aluksne city council,

Latvian Water Motorsports Federation.


Phone No. +371 29 284688

Fax: +371 67 228 672

Race Officials:

The Officer of the Day:Modris Kalnciems

The Race secretary Liene Kvekse

UIM CommissionerVahur Joala

The Technical OfficerAivars Lenerts

1.Classes and rules:

1.1.European Championship Formula R 1000

1.2.Competition will take pace in accordance with rules of UIM, Latvian National Authority and the advance program.

1.3.The Championship organizer has the rights to publish additional rules, which are as much mandatory as this advance program, by informing the drivers about them.

2.Minimum age of drivers:

2.1.From 16 years

3.Date and Place:

3.1.17th .-19th . July, 2009

3.1.1.Aluksne lake, Aluksne, Latvia

4.Participation at the Championship:

4.1.In the Championship are allowed only the drivers who:

4.1.1.are approved by their National Authority,

4.1.2.will show driving license,

4.1.3.will show results of medical examination and in the case of need you should submit for medical examination.

5.Application and participation fee:

5.1.The applications should have been filled and approved in their National Authority.

5.2.Please send all applications before July 1st, 2009 to fax: +371 67 228 672 or email:

5.3.No entry fee.


6.1.All competitors must have insurance valid in Latvia.

6.2.If there is needed the participant have to show the translation in English of German..

6.3.There will not be possibility to buy Insurance on race site.


7.1.The Course is three buoys distance according to the drawn plan.

7.2.The length of course is 1440 m.

7.3.The distance length for each class.


Course lenght (m)


Distance (m)


FR 1000



12 820


7.4.If there are applied more than 16 drivers, there will be organized qualification heat at the second practice.

7.5.In all races there is one safety lap..

7.6.There shall be only one restart in the case of restart UIM 311.02

8.Drivers meeting:

8.1.According to time table there will be two obligatory drivers meetings on the 18th and 19th July.

8.2.The drivers meetings will occur near the boat park.

8.3.The Drivers meetings will occur in Latvian and English languages with the participation of UIM Commissioner.

8.4.Drivers not attending the drivers meeting can be excluded from participating in the race.

9.Boat park:

9.1.Boat park is closed, rescued territory, that is provided only for disposing boats and for technical preparing of start.

9.2.Boat park DEPO shall be closed and guarded area, accessible only for competitors.

9.3.FR 1000 boat park will be accessible only for CC participants and their mechanics.

9.4.No cars won’t be allowed to enter in the boat park. There will be a special place for cars and trailers.

9.5.No smoking and opened fire is allowed on the area of the boat park.

9.6.The boat park must be equipped with a car fire extinguisher located by every boat.

9.7.The animals are not allowed into the boat park.

9.8.The boat park will be guarded from July 17th 19.00 to July 19th15.00.

9.9.During night hours from 21.00 to 7.00 and during the opening and price giving ceremonies the boat park will be a closed area and staying there will not be allowed.

10.Launching the boats with the crane:

10.1.The crane also will be possible as well as slipway.

10.2.All competitors that use the crane, must observe instructions of the operator. Equipment have to accord to rules UIM 205.12


11.1.The practice will be allowed only after the technical inspection along the mentioned course.

11.2.On the July 14th, 15th, and 16th the course will be closed in the time, that is not included in the time table and every voluntary departure to course will be punished with the disqualification from competition.


12.1.The start will be dead engine start from a jetty.

12.2.The start will be signaled with lights as in UIM rules 307.03.

12.3.The start signals and the information will be given as UIM rules 307.03.

12.4.On the starting platform the competitorcan beaccompanied by no more than two mechanics.

12.5.The sequence of achieved lap times in qualification training allows for taking appropriate starting positions in the first race.

12.6.To place the boats on start in time is drivers’ responsibility.

13.Results and Protests:

13.1.The results will be published on boat park boards not later than 15 minutes after each race.

13.2.All team representatives will obtain the results in writing after the closing ceremony.

13.3.The protests must be handed to the Race secretariat in time and form according to UIM rules 403 in Latvian or English.

13.4.The protest fee is 80 EUR.


14.1.1.The prize fund consists of cups and awards to the first three places.

15.Noise and environment:

15.1.Every driver is responsible that his engine does not exceed noise levels at all times as specified in UIM rules 504.

15.2.Every care must be taken not to spill fuel or oil. An absorbent carpet to avoid any spillage on to the ground must be used (UIM rule 700).

15.3.Every driver is responsible to take care of the environment around hid boat, trailer and car.


16.1.Any driver who breaks a buoy has to pay 300 EUR to the organizer.


17.1.Accommodation have to be ordered on own responsibility. The organizer will give the assistance. Participants can choose hotels from mentioned bellow.

17.2.Organizer obliges himself to make the hotel booking in selected hotels in Aluksne according to entry form filled by participants.

17.3.The participants are invited also to live in tents. Organizer obliges himself to make the parking facilities arrangements for cars and camping facilities in competition are near the boat park.

18.Additional rules:

18.1.An organizer reserves the right to make any changes in the rules and regulations of this competition. All changes will be published in writing and given during the briefings.

18.2.An organizers reserves the right to an interpretation of these rules.

18.3.Organizer invites the participants to use their national flags and team forms.

18.4.By signing the entry form signed by participant means that he (she) accept these rules, organizer instructions and UIM rules.

18.5.Organizers are not responsible to drivers, mechanics, or ther participants for material damages. Boat drivers and other participants will take part in the race at their own danger and risk.


The money: 1 EUR = 0.7028 LVL