The F-4S Showdown Begins at Doha

DOHA, Qatar – Thursday, November 25, 2010 – The introduction of the F-4S series in conjunction with F1H2O has proved a great success in 2010. Not only has it added to the spectacle of the weekends race programme, but the competition has been intense.

Drivers from 10 nations have fought it out tooth and nail in the battle for the championship, as the stakes are high with many of the F1H2O teams using the class to nurture young drivers for the premier class.
An example of this is Qatari driver Khalid Saleh Al Shamlan, who is anxious to move up to F1H2O, as the country would love to have one of their own competing on the world F1H2O stage.
Abu Dhabi is also using the class as a training ground. Scott Gilman the Emirates team Manager is spending considerable time with Majeed Al Mansouri, and to date the young driver is showing great potential.

One has to remember that this is a Team championship. Drivers can be changed at any time during the year, meaning that no competitor can sit back with teams able to change their drivers if they are not up to the job.

Not only is there a battle of drivers, but the boat manufacturers appear to be putting as much effort into the development of F-4S boats as they are in F1H2O.
At present the Molgaard hulls seem to have the upper hand when it comes to speed and lap times closely followed by the Baba hulls.

At the halfway stage team Rainbow leads the way with Swedish driver Oskar Samuelsson driving with speed and accuracy. Second is the Mad Croc Team driver Filip Roms, with Team 800 Doctor David del Pin snapping at his heels.
The only lady driver Bimba Sjoholm (Team Azerbaijan) is a close third followed by Team Abu Dhabi, Team Qatar, Team Singha, China, Nautica and Atlantic.

So with six races to go it is all to play for. Spectators and teams have seen great skill and determination shown by what could turn out to be the F1H2O drivers of the future.