Selio Clinches 2010 In Dramatic Finale

SHARJAH, UAE – Friday, December 2010 - What a bitter pill Jay Price had to swallow as he watched Mad Croc Sami Selio overtake team mate Alex Carella to secure the 2010 gold medal.

Prior to the race, Price was aware he had to either win the Sharjah GP or at least keep right behind Selio as, with a 4 point lead in the championship table, that would be enough to steal the crown.

Price stuck to his task until the last few laps but none of the race fans bargained on another scenario as, while Al Hameli led the race, it was Selio’s team mate Carella holding second place who held the ace hand. If he let Selio though, Price would be fourth and with only five laps remaining, it was not enough the challenge Carella.

Selio collected his second world title by the narrowest of