Sami Selio Wins 2010 F1 WC

When Sami Selio and his Mad Croc team left the sunny Algarve some seven months ago, they went away empty handed and it hurt. They knew that a lot of work was going to have to be done. Now as the team prepare to leave sunny Sharjah they go away with both the Drivers World Championship title and the Team Championship title safely secured.

“It’s been an unbelievable season” said Selio as he left the winner’s podium, after receiving his gold medal from Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, the President of the UIM. “When you look at the team championship and see that we finished some forty points ahead of our nearest rivals it gives you an idea of just how good the Mad Croc Team is, I can’t thank them enough.”

As the red lights went out for the start of the Grand Prix, Ahmed Al Hameli, from Team Abu Dhabi showed just how crucial pole position was as the seventeen drivers headed for the first turn around the Khalid Lagoon. Within the space of five laps he had opened up a three second lead over Team Mad Croc’s Alex Carella, with Selio a further two seconds down. Price, by this time, had moved past Jonas Andersson into fourth place and if it stayed like that then Price would take the title.

Price though drives like a street fighter and knew that he had to pass Selio to be on the safe side. Try as he might the Qatar Team driver just couldn’t find the way past and on one occasion came very close to disaster when he got caught up in the spray from a CTIC China Team boat he was trying to lap. For a brief moment the pressure was off Selio, just giving him enough time to catch his breath. Back came Price and yet again he made another a mistake, this time coming very close to destroying a turn buoy.

With just six laps till the chequered flag, Selio caught up with Carella, who by this time was struggling with a power steering problem, and just one lap later he was through into second place and the title was in touching distance.Meanwhile out in front Al Hameli, who has led several Grand Prix this year only to record a DNF, most have been waiting for a mechanical gremlin to strike, this time though his engine held together and the driver from Abu Dhabi took his first ever win on home soil.

As the UAE national anthem played out the largest smiles though were on the faces of the Mad Croc Team drivers. For once a slice of luck had come their way. While they were checking Carella’s engine they noticed that the fly-wheel had come loose and that a bolt that could have dropped into the engine, destroying it, had stayed in place.

“I’m having that bolt mounted and placed next to the championship trophy” said a mightily relieved Selio. “If that bolt had dropped into Alex’s engine that would have been my title chances gone because I needed him to finish ahead of Price.Today’s race was one of the toughest I’ve ever had. I couldn’t push anymore. I had my team manager Michael Jenkins telling me to trim out because I almost flew over at one point. It was really rough in some of those turns as the water rebounded back from the concrete shore line making it very choppy. Tonight we are all off to the desert to celebrate a remarkable year, and then back to Finland where we will probably party till Christmas.”

F1 Powerboat, GP of Sharjah, 10.12.

Final results:

1. Ahmed Al Hameli (UAE), Team Abu Dhabi, 35/35 laps

2. Sami Seliö (FIN), Mad-Croc F1, + 6,55 s.

3. Alex Carella (ITA), Mad-Croc F1, + 7,93 s

4. Jonas Andersson (SWE), Team Azerbaijan, + 41,43 s

5. Thani Al Qamsi (UAE), Team Abu Dhabi, + 1 lap

6. Jay Price, (QAT), Team Qatar, + 1 lap

World Championship points 2010, drivers, 8/8 rounds:

1. Sami Seliö (FIN) 94 p.
2. Jay Price (USA) 88 p.

3. Alex Carella (ITA) 71 p.

4. Thani Al Qamzi (UAE) 68 p.
5. Francesco Cantando (ITA), 59 p
6. Ahmed Al Hameli (UAE), 58 p.

World Championship points 2010, teams, 8/8 rounds:

1. Mad-Croc F1, 165 pts.

2. Team Abu Dhabi, 126 pts.

3. Team Qatar, 95 pts.

4. CTIC China Team, 66 pts.

5. Singha F1 Racing, 59 pts.

6. Team Azerbaijan, 35 pts.

Sami Seliö, 35-years-old

Lives Helsinki, Finland and Teneriffe, Spain

Married with Marjo, 2 children
F1 MM 1. 2010 and 2007
F1 MM 1. 2010 (Team Mad-Croc)

F1 MM 2. 2005 ja 2008.
F1 MM 3. 2009

F1 MM Rookie of the Year 1997

F4 MM 3. 1996

Seliö´s results 2010 (GP ja aika-ajot):

8.-9.5. Portugal, Portimao, GP ret., Q 4.

10.-11.7. Russia, St.Petersburg, GP 1., Q 1.

2.-3.10. China, Linyi, GP 2. Q 3.

16-17.10 China, Liuzhou, GP ret., Q 4.

23-24.10. China, Shenzen, GP 4., Q 8.

26.-27.11. Qatar, Doha, GP 2., Q 3.

3.-4.12. United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, GP 1, Q 1.

9.-10.12. United Arab Emirates, Sharjah, GP 2, Q 3.

Mad-Croc F1 -boat
Hull: Baba, catamaran
Engine: Mercury 2,5 l V6

Power: 450 bhp

Acceleration: 0-200 km/h 6 sec.