Sami Seliö recovering in Finland

 Sami Seliö, who injured himself in the F1 Powerboat event in China on
Sunday, has flown to Finland and started his recovery. At the
beginning of the week he was treated in hospital in Liuzhou. Now Seliö
is back home in Finland and is currently assessing his injuries with
Finnish medical professionals.

- I am alive and very happy about that. I am feeling a bit tired after
the 12-hour flight, and everything hurts. I am also very disappointed
that this happened. The rest of the week I will spend seeing doctors
and seeing what is happening. Especially my eyes are examined more
thoroughly. There seems to be something wrong with them, tells Seliö.

- I want to thank all my friends and fans for the support they have
given me. I have been getting it through mobile phone and social
media, says Seliö.

In the Chinese hospital Seliö was diagnosed with broken ribs, broken
arm, strained neck and pressure in the eyes.

- My arm was plastered with a 30-centimeter rule, explains Seliö.

Seliös programme for the rest of the year is open. Participation in
the upcoming F1-events will be based on the doctors recommendations.

- The next couple of weeks will tell if the man is alright or not and
what shape the equipment is in. In any case we have to build a new
boat. We will examine the video recordings and the boats technical
data to figure out the cause for the accident. So far the cause is
unknown. My own speed was normal since the previous lap was my
fastest. I have seen from the tapes that I drove in between two waves
in which case everything should be fine. In this case it was not, says

In addition to the F1 competitions, Seliö was also meant to
participate in an offshore powerboat racing Class1-event in Italy.
That plan will now change.

- I was invited to drive there, and I took the challenge. Now we will
have to leave it until the next time. It would have been a great
experience, says Seliö.

Seliö has released photos of the Suomy helmet he was wearing in the
accident. It withstood the extremely violent crash well.

- Thanks to the helmet I am here now. It did not break and protected
my head well, even though the surface looks pretty rough, says
thankful Seliö.