Asif Rangoonwala with Icom's Ian Lockyer
Asif Rangoonwala with Icom's Ian Lockyer

Powerboat P1 Management Ltd has signed a one-year agreement with Icom to become the racing series’ ‘Official Radio Communications Partner’ for 2010.

Six Icom distributors are behind this sponsorship, who as part of the sponsorship package, will supply IC-F4029SDR digital license free radios, ear pieces and chargers. The Icom distributors involved with this major sponsorship are: Icom UK, Marcucci SPA, Frontier Trading, Telsan Telsiz Sanayii Ve Ticaret A.S, Icom Spain and Swedish Radio Supply.

The radio equipment that Icom is supplying will be primarily used to provide communication between race officials in ten venues across Europe. The Icom radio equipment will assist Powerboat P1 staff to co-ordinate race starts, updates and results, as well as helping with all team communications and race delivery, such as the erection of the Powerboat P1 race village and organising the collection of VIP guests.

Powerboat P1 Management Ltd is the rights holders to the Powerboat P1 World Championship and SuperStock Championship. Global leaders of marine motorsport racing, running Grand Prix events across Europe, each Powerboat P1 race sees single or twin-engine monohull powerboats, racing at speeds between 90 and 200 kph.

In 2010, teams in the Evolution and SuperSport Classes will compete for the World Championship, in the series' eighth season. Meanwhile the beginning of the new decade marks the first year of the SuperStock Championship in Powerboat P1 colours, following last year’s takeover from the UK-based, Formula 4-Stroke Association

During a Grand Prix of the Sea weekend, teams will compete in races measuring between 20 nautical miles (37KM) and 80 nautical miles (148 KM), with the team accumulating the most points over the weekend, claiming the overall Grand Prix title and championship points.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘We are very excited to be involved with this exciting sport. The expansion of the series, the proactive development of the Powerboat P1 brand has meant great exposure for the Icom brand throughout Europe We are especially looking forward to getting closer to the teams and fans by taking space in the ‘Fan Zone’ at each event in the racing calendar. Here is to a great year of being involved with the world's premier marine motorsport.’