FIM will not attend the UIM awards giving

Official protest of the Italian Powerboat Federation:

the FIM will not attend the UIM awards giving of the

International Champions

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Italy side by side with the world pluri-champion Guido Cappellini, also polemically absent in Montecarlo

The Italian Powerboat Federationwill not be present on Saturday 6 March at the Awards Giving of the 2009 International Champions organized by the Union International Motonautique (UIM) in Montecarlo.


The decision has principally sprung from the behaviour showed by the main international powerboating body towards Mr. Guido Cappellini on the occasion of his excellent conquest of his tenth world title in F1, happened last December 2009.

The FIM formally protests against the UIM for how the most famous and titled powerboating athlete all over the world, Guido Cappellini, has been the subject of a blatant attempt of alienation to which the International Union not only has not reacted the way it should, but also has avoided any kind of intervention.

The decision not to take part at the UIM awards giving ceremony in Montecarlo happens for the very first time in the history of the Italian Powerboating and it has been unanimously deliberated by the Federal Council of the FIM who thinks that the UIM activities are more and more marked to the barren political activity while, instead, this sport needs more and more  an International Federation that could constitute a guide mostly in technical matters and safety. Within safety matters, in particular, the UIM has omitted to adopt safety systems fundamental for the safety of the drivers. The FIM, furthermore, complains about the excessively invading role of the promoters (organisers of international events) who are inclined more and more to substitute the National Federations, annulling their representation and national identity, as well as preventing the development of the Promotional Categories.


GUIDO CAPPELLINI, ten times F1 world champion, excellent goal hit just in 2009, will not be present at the awards giving that should had to see him as an absolute protagonist. A sensational protest for which he explains the reasons:

“Mine is an act of protest towards the International Federation and his President Raffaele Chiulli.

I won’t go to get my golden medal because I am enormously disappointed by the recent choices operated by the UIM. The political questions interfere by now with sports activity and also it is even put under discussion the safety;they have been, in fact, reasons of low political opportunity the ones which determined a modification of the rules that make smaller the minimum exit space of the driver from the cockpit only to safe a wrong technical project.

In this way 20 years of work for safety are made fruitless and this happens just in the moment in which the top management of the International Federation is ruled by an Italian President, Raffaele Chiulli.”