New Promoter of UIM Class 1

Dubai, 12 December 2010
Following the meetings at the UIM General Assembly in Malta and the subsequent OPC meeting in Dubai, we are pleased to announce that the new UIM technical rules governing Class 1 will come into effect 1st January 2011.
The new set of UIM rules will ensure the collective wish for stability, affordabilityand reliability. We are also pleased to announce that after intensive and successful negotiations the set up of the new company managing the UIM Class 1 rights has been agreed. A mutually satisfactory agreement has been reached between the UIM and its current contracted commercial right holders, WPPA and IOTA.

Effective 1st January 2011, a new company named Class 1 promotion, part of the Idea Marketing Group, the UIM contracted promoter of Formula 1 and Nations Cup, will promote the UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship jointly with the UIM and the participating teams.

Raffaele Chiulli, UIM President, Gianfranco Venturelli, IOTA Chairman and Nicolo di San Germano, Chairman of Idea Marketing stated, after signing the protocol of agreement, that this is a great moment for the future of our sport bringing together under the UIM umbrella the best available expertise and resources.

Raffaele Chiulli Gianfranco Venturelli Nicolo di San Germano
UIM President IOTA Chairman Idea Marketing Chairman