Mārtiņš Morozs 4.vietā PČ SL 60

 Mārtiņs Morozs izcīnīja ceturto vietu pasaules čempionātā SL 60 laivu klasē. Šis bija 1. PČ UIM vēsturē ar 4taktu dzinējiem. Ir liels gandarījums, ka latvijas sportists ir pasaules ūdens motosporta elitē šajā jaunajā laivu klasē, kas apstiprina, ka Latvijas ūdens motosports attīstās.

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It is a pleasure to announce the first ever World Champion in the new low emission class SL 60. Swedish driver Daniell Sparring did demonstrate his skill in the Harbour of Sundsvall. Daniel did earn 1110 points in the three first heats.

Oskar Samuelsson Sweden did earn 900 and the German driver Norbert Gimpl was awarded 696 points fullfill the podium. Fourth was Martins Morozs Latvia 627 in front of Soren Molgaard Denmark 507, Stefan Hagin 400, Henry Tuukonen Finland 317, Simone Schuft Germany 293, Marc Floreich Germany 195, Alexander Scheller Germany 180.

Many drivers had problem with their boats. Too many in the pit of that reason. Molgaard need todeliver more quality on boats for the future. These drivers are really driving their rigs on the limit.

In the third round of the Scandinavian Formula 2000 we saw the young driver Erik Stark Sweden winning Sprint 1 and Grand Final. Erik has been coming stronger and stronger. This time having a new engine in superb condition from Jonas Andersson. He won the Grand Final in front of Owen Jelf England and Johan Osterberg Sweden. Sven Jansson ended fourth in front of Mikki Fors. Ugis Gross finished 6th. Olle Martin did nosedive and was disqualified.