Guido - Prince Albert

Guido gives his boat to Prince Albert of Monaco..

Such was the wait for delivery of the catamaran Guido Cappellini to Prince Albert of Monaco and the event confirmed the expectations. The ceremony, organized by Zepter International, historic partner of Guido Cappellini in its challenge to many of the ten world titles in his career, was held at the museum’s “private collection of vintage cars – Top Car Collection” built by the father of Prince Albert . From today the catamaran DAC CM 2009, with Guido Cappellini who last season won his tenth world title Formula 1 Inshore, will be exhibited in the prestigious stage in the heart of the Principality of Monaco. Along with rare specimens, starting from 800 cars until late model sports car, going for Ferrari, Spyker and Ligier, protagonists of the Grand Prix Formula 1 car, the catamaran will make a fine show when Caps as an ambassador of many successes and especially state of the art in the world of powerboating. Prince Albert has really liked the gift of Zepter International and on time is presented at its museum, showing great interest in the technical characteristics of the hull, asking and listening to Guido key moments of his career and his many successes. Confirming that one of the reasons why the boat will be exhibited at the Museum is the title won in 1999 for the colors of the principality, which year by Guido is permanently resident. Present at the principal political authorities of the Principality, represented the Federation Motorboating Internazione, many journalists and especially friends of Zepter and Guido Cappellini, all this with his team, proudly in full force. There was no lack Carioni Leonardo, president of the province of Como, and one of the top supporters and friend of Guido Cappellini, with Marco Abbate and many “Como” to the ceremony.