Yousef wins Hungary GP!

After weeks of speculation and a full weekend of events, the UIM F2 World Championship – GP of Hungary finally got under way at 16.00 CET.

With minutes to go before the start of the race, the weather conditions changed with the earlier winds disappearing leaving the drivers exposed to the intense Hungarian heat.

With the start lights out and full ‘pedal to the metal’ 16 of the world’s best drivers roared into action and did not fail to please the thousands of spectators when before the first turn Local Hungarian Driver Laszlo Kovacs , German Nick Bisterfeld and France’s Philippe Tourre had a crash. Unfortunately for Nick &Laszlo their race was over but Tourre was able to continue. Yellow Flags and quick reactions from the Officials saw both boats recovered quickly and the drivers unhurt.

Yousef Al Rubayan continued to lead the field of drivers under the yellow flag, followed by Erik Stark and current F2 World Champion Johan Coenradi who both had excellent starts and were in 2nd &3rd Position.

Just a couple of laps later the tensions were running high and the race was re-started, only for Latvian Uvis Slakteris &Italian Ivan Brigada to have separate spectacular accidents, with Ivan Brigada flying high and missing the dock wall by inches.Thankfully both drivers were unhurt, but both boats took some time to recover due to the scale of the damage.

By lap 15 the race was well underway again with Yousef still leading Erik Stark, Johan Coenradi and Colin Jelf. On lap 34 the British driver Colin Jelf challenged Johan Coenradi for 3rd position and managed to take 3rd, leaving Johan and Owen Jelf to continue fighting for 4th position. On lap 36 Erik Stark seemed to run into trouble on a turn buoy leaving the Jelf brothers the opportunity to take 2nd &3rd.

With a few laps to go, Colin managed to catch up with leading man Yousef Al Rubayan, but the cool man from Kuwait had nothing to worry about with power to spare he eased his boat effortlessly across the finish line winning the UIM F2 World Championship GP of Hungary much to the delight of his Port Ghalib Team and thousands of fans across the world.

Other notable performances of the day were new Driver Rupp Temper from Austria who found himself in 6th race position after starting 15th on the grid and Local Hungarian driver Bela Cserni who finished 8th after starting from 16th on the grid – much to the delight of local crowds.

After such a highly action packed race, the inevitable penalties were issued by the officials. Philippe Tourre of France received a Yellow Card and Disqualification for his part in the accident involving Laszlo Kovacs &Nick Bisterfeld along with Sweden’s Erik Stark who also received a Yellow card + Disqualification for his part in Ivan Brigada’s accident. The 3rd disqualification was directed at Polish Driver Bartek Marszalek for rounding the turn the wrong way. A disappointment for all drivers involved after the impressive performances they gave all weekend.

With the most exciting F2 race in years drawing to a close, the drivers are fired up and ready for the next round in Stockholm, Sweden on the 10th &11th July. The boats will be repaired and ready to battle again !

Yousef Al Rubayan now leads the UIM F2 World Championship 2010, with British drivers Colin &Owen Jelf 2nd &3rd and current F2 World Champion Netherlands Johan Coenradi in 4th.

All of the drivers and teams extend their thanks to the Hungarian National Authority, the Rescue, the Timing Team and the UIM Officials for working to ensure the event was a complete success.