F2 - Scandinavian F2 Open Championship

Horsens, Denmark - May 21, 2010

Scandinavian F2 Open Series is one of the most spectacular concepts what powerboating is offering. Championship series is an effort of the organizers, teams, sponsors and national federations.

The start of the Scandinavian F2 Open for power boating is just an hours away at the start of a very hectic beginning in the 2010 campaign. The first round of the series will be held in lovely Danish city in east Jutland on 22nd of May.

Defending UIM F2 World Champion Johan Coenradi from Netherlands will try to beat second place holder Uvis Slakteris from Riga Powerboat Team, Latvia and one of the strongest drivers in the previous seasons British Owen Jelf.

The old “sea wolves” will try to challenge young “lions”: Mette Bjerknes from Norway and Ola Pettersson from Sweden. Also Erik Stark from Sweden and Rich Ivar Hakonsen from Norway had promised to do everything for taking part in the breathtaking event.

During the race drivers are competing not only against the rivals, but also against changing and always unpredictable conditions of water and weather, reaching the turn buoy in over 175 kph and they accelerate in a split of second out to the next one.

Each lap presents new wave patterns and subtle wind shifts. The track is never constant. Teamwork is the key. Driver, radiomen, crew chief and equipment must work together. All concerns outside must be put aside on the race day. There is a little margin for the errors.

“I am happy to organize the race in Horsens for the second consecutive year and I hope that everybody will spend great time here in the beautiful Horsens enjoying powerboat show and speed festival. I am sure that Nordic Championship and Scandinavian F2 Open will be successful and great event for the local authorities, supporters, sponsors and fans. We are looking forward for the long term corporation. I wish good luck and safe race to the all drivers. Let the best win the race and the show must go on!” concluded series promoter Leif Ahlborg.