Scandinavian F2 Open announced

The Scandinavian Formula 2000 Open Powerboat Championship is so far the most spectacular concept that powerboating can offer. The growth of this Championship series is a result of continuous efforts of all organisers, teams, sponsors and national federations. They have all supported the Formula 2000 concept which now is the most prestigious Powerboat Championship to win in Europe. The race sites are always located in center of the race cities and the organisers will present an event that except boatracing also includes even other entertaining.

Race format can be compared to the American Champ Boat series. All races are run due to the Scandinavian rule system adapted by the Union Internationale Motonautique, Circuit Rules. These powerboat races begin from a standing start along the “pit dock” in the same manner that made Le Mans such a famous event. Each event will present the best racingshow ever seen to large amount of spectators. Participating drivers are coming from most of the World.

Powerboat racing is unlike any other form of motorsport competition. The driver and his/her equipment are matched not only against the field of competitors but also against the ever changing and always unpredictable elements of water and weather. The drivers reach the turn bouy in over 110 mph (175 kph) and in a split second they accelerate out to next one. Drivers can experience up to 4G´s of centrifugal forces as they manoeuvre around the turn bouy. If you watch the races live or on television doesn´t matter. You will be fascinated by the fight.

Powerboat racing is strategy, reading the water, feathering or charging the throttle, outperforming all other drivers and boats under constantly changing conditions. Each lap presents new wave patterns and subtle wind shifts. The track is never constant. Teamwork is the key. The driver, crew chief, crew and equipment must work together. All outside concerns must be put aside on race day. There is little " '">

Scandinavian F2 Open is a result of the successful Formula 2000 Mercury Grand Prix. This series has been organized under our umbrella since 1997. Mercury has been our main partner all years. Now we are ready for next step.We are already well prepared for coming season. There is a series of five events on our Tour visiting Denmark, Latvia and Sweden prepared.

There are some very important issues changed since the last few years. Most important is, that we have a new partner in the management of the series. I am talking about Modris Kalnciems from Riga. We have been good friends since 1997, the first year of this series. Modris is CEO of the Latvian Water Motorsports Federation. Modris also has long experience of racing himself as well as organizing international powerboat events. We will from now and on cooperate in developing the Scandinavian series as well as trying to do some improvements also for European powerboat racing.

We hope to see drivers representing some ten Nations. Most participating drivers will be contracted to participate in all events in the 2010 series. Drivers have been announced from England, Finland, Germany, Holland, Kuwait, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden. Last year we saw the Latvian gentleman Uvis Slakteris winning the Scandi-navian Gold Medal as well as the Mercury Grand Prix. Uvis did also win the Silver Medal in the UIM F2 World Championship series.

Very strange is, that no driver so far has been able to win this series more than once, during the past ten years. That gives an idea how competitive this series is.

Looking at the 2010 UIM World Cup calendar, we gladly notice, that World Cup boats/drivers will be available from start of the European season. This means, we sure will have a very qualified field of drivers at the jetty from first round in Horsens Denmark May 22 and on. We hope to see both the 2009 World Champion Johan Coenradi Holland and the Silver medalist Uvis Slakteris Latvia in Horsens. We will once again see a young lady attending, Mette Brandt Bjerknaes from Norway. She will be one of the drivers racing the new Mercury Optimax 200XS. This is an engine within the modern low emission racing engines.

Eventcalendar 2010

22 May, Horsens, Denmark

12June, Strängnäs, Sweden

7August, Uddevalla/Göteborg, Sweden

14 August, Karlskrona, Sweden

21 August, Riga, Latvia

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