F2 - F2 / S2000 – WC – I,O – CC and more..

F2 / S2000 – WC – I,O – CC and more..

Bilde 1935The Formula World Sports Company in Dubai, managed by Abdul Salam Fairooz is not the promoter of the UIM F2 class anymore.

Abdul Salam said last week when I meet him in Dubai, that it was not a profitable business longer. The finance crises had made it very difficult, and hard to host world-class events and attract sponsors.

Personally I will thank Abdul Salam Fairooz and his company FWS for the job he have put into F2, we all know its been a huge effort, but time changes, and I wished he stayed to promoting events in the middle east, like in the good old days – but he wanted to move on.

So, what’s going on?

Bilde 1933I’ve had that question more than 100 times over the last days. Well, it’s pretty simple, with no promoter, its back to basic. The UIM has open it up to any National Authority (NA) and its clubs to host events, and the Formula Committee is the once to set the parameters. Its fear, and easy to understand.

I was personally in favor of changing the UIM F2 format into 1 World championship race and more continental races, and even ask Jose Luis Del Palacio to step back as promoter of that one event, but I fell short.

With the new system its however possible for any organizer to come up with the minimum requirements and host a round, so maybe we will see Jose Luis Del Palacio back in Spain or Portugal?


Giacomo Borgonovi, UIM Formula Comitte member. The Formula Committee (FC) have now set some minimum criteria’s witch the organizer have to meet, and all the NA´s around the world had received an offer to apply for World championship (WC) or Continental championship (CC) in order to build a calendar for 2010.

FC said that, to host a CC in F2 u had to host a minimum of 18.000 EURO price/travel found. To host a WC round u had to come up with 25.000 EURO.

All the current organizers of WC and CC have guarantied that in order to be on the 2010 calendar.

As a matter of fact, all the organizers have secured a sponsorship agreement to provide a much larger amount, but that is not official yet, and will be published later in agreement with the sponsor.

The UIM F2 World championship and Continental championship has never had a better deal on the table, and the drivers are as fare as I’ve noticed pleased.Bilde 1926

The FC meeting in Monaco decided upon 1 European championship, and so fare 7 rounds in the World championship for 2010. Its been a huge demand for European races, and finally the UIM can present that.

F2 World Championship Races 2010.

1st Round. June 13

Dunaujvaros – Hungary.

It’s a classic. The local club witch is headed by Peter Sandor has a long history of racing. Personally I have raced both F3 and F1 there in the past, and I love the place. The club has produced drivers like Rudolf MIHALDINECZ, a 2 time Worldchampion in F3, alongside Peter SANDOR Jr many time World champion and Bela Cerni.

Race course will be the classic 2 pin course where I made my first 720* back flip in a catamaran in 1997.

Bilde 1932

2nd Round. July 4

Bilde 1934Milano Idroscalo (Tbc) – Italy

The racecourse is still to be confirmed, but if the Italian federation can pull this one off, its another classic event. Idroscalo is build during the 2nd world war to set off airplanes and has been one of the most famouse race courses in Italy. It’s a pieces of history.

3rd round. July 11

Stockholm – Sweden

When the “oldboys” raced in Stockholm – they was heros. Names like lasse Strom, Michael Werner, Cees Van Der Velden and Bob Spalding has all raced there. Crowds over 100.000 in the fantastic capital city of Sweden will be a race to remember. My “Viking friend” – Christer Gustavsson, the President of Svera is already working on the event.

Look out for flyin swedes !

4th Round. August 1

Bilde 1927(Tbc) Riga – Latvia

Modris Kalnciems is a gentleman, and wants the best for the sport. That’s why he diplomatically changed his date to 1st August. The Round in Drammen was already on the calendar.

The Latvians knows how to organice races, and Riga is a fantastic city. It was not on the calendar in 2009, but in 2008 it was the race that gathers most drivers.

Modris is keen to walk away with the “Best race of the year” award – and will throw a fantastic race on.

Bilde 1930

5th Round. August 29

Kiev – Ukraine

Kiev is a first time organizer for F2, but not a rookie in organizing events. The drivers are looking fwd to race in Ukraine – and the boats will be loaded into containers in Kiev, to be send to middle east.

6th Round. October 26

Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

The Formula 2 World championship has visited Jeddah twice before, and is keen to go back. A fantastic event on the cornice, with loads of spectators will gather a great round in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Bilde 1931

7th Round November 18

Jeddah (Tbc) – Saudia Arabia

Look out for a surprise. The final race of the 2010 World Championship might be on a different venue. If it will not be hosted in Saudi Arabia the boats will be shipped out from Jeddah, and headed to an exotic destination. We raced there before, and we all loved it. X our fingers!

What’s different from last year?

Well, with no promoter behind the wheel it’s a huge collective effort put together by the UIM, headed by the President Raffaele Chiulli and the FC President Giacomo Borgonovi, and Régine Vandekerckhove Secretary General UIM in co operation with 7 different national authorities. Looking back, this is the best calendar the UIM F2 has had in years in my opinion.

Bilde 1929

F2 European Championship

August 22 Drammen – Norway

Drammen was already on the calendar for the Nordic championship final. The FC made an acceptation and allowed the two races to be joined into one. The classification of the CC – will be calculated to the points in Nordic championship series. Will we have two champions in Drammen? Will the Scandinavian drivers fighting for medals manage to hang in there with the top dogs from Europe? Time will tell.

The only other F2 International ordinary events approved by the FC and the UIM is the following races, and they will crown the Nordic Champion is.

F2 international ordinary races.

May 23 Horsens – Denmark

August 8 Goteborg – Sweden

August 15 Karlskrona – Sweden

August 22 Drammen – Norway

So, what about the race in Saudi Arabia ?

Bilde 1928The race in Saudi will be an S 2000 invitation race, organized under the Saudi Arabian maritime Sport Federation, and it will be the only S 2000 races in 2010. All the rest will be F2. The FC was clear in its decision. S 2000 is Saudi will have to race with the latest rules on safety, a demand UIM and the FC can in-force over night, just because of the simple fact, that its a safety rule.

This mean that ALL boats going to compete in Al Wajh in April 22 – 25 will need crashbox and airbags like in F2.

The FC will also come up with a proposal that there will be only 1 class from 2011 – witch is totally in accordance with the UIM strategy plan to reduce the number of classes. S2000/F2/F2000 or what ever u like to call it will from 2011 be F2.