F1 - Guido Cappellini wins Qatar GP !

DOHA, Qatar – November 27, 2009 – The first leg of the Qatar GP and 11th round of the 2009 World Championship started with three or four drivers jumping the start resulting in a restart.

Selio took and early lead before dropping out handing the lead to Price who also retired early on. Cappellini took over up front and drove a faultless race but the drama was behind as favourites Andersson, Lundin and the two Abu Dhabi boats were near the tail of the fleet.

Al Hameli and Al Qamzi eventually fought their way through before Al Hameli stopped and Chiappe held 2nd place ahead of Al Qamzi for several laps before dropping back. Comparato eventually got up to 3rd place behind Al Qamzi, who now leads the points table.

Shock of the day was Qatar 'new boy' Malcom Goodman finishing in 5th place behind Chiappe.

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