F1 - “Live” Television & Internet to Expand in 2010!

<p>“Live” Television &Internet to Expand in 2010!</p>

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – Monday, May 3, 2010 – The 30th Anniversary year of the UIM F1 H2O World Championship in 2010 is going to be bigger and better with the addition of “live” Qualifying being televised along with a new and “edgy” show called F1 H2O “After Hours” that will be added to the weekend's programming line-up.

The regular one hour “live” race broadcast that will be offered worldwide via satellite and on the official UIM F1 H2O website, will also be “spiced up” with a new on-board camera, starting at next week's season opening round at the Grand Prix of Portugal in Portimao for it's 12th Annual event on the eighth and ninth of May.

“We're excited about the new innovations and exposure we are offering our race fans around the world in this our special anniversary season,” said series Promoter Nicolo di San Germano. “Qualifying is very important for every driver to win a Grand Prix and we are taking a page out of the automobile FIA F1 series going thru a process of eliminations during the hour of qualifying to determine who will be the fastest of the day and on pole for the race. The drama and excitement will only build as the hour comes to an end.”

The live broadcast will feature for Portugal the current winningest active driver on the tour as Italian driver Francesco Cantando of the Singha F1 Team, who has 11 career victories and is a three time runner-up in the championship, chases his first win in Portugal after four times finishing in second place here, will carry the on-board camera.

As well as the 35 year-old driver from Milan beaming his images out on the live broadcast, two other drivers will have their boats carrying images as well and will be featured in the 30 minute hi-lite magazine show that is packaged to a multitude of countries around the world following each Grand Prix.

“This is going to be so exciting for the fans,” said Producer Milan Teodorovic from his home in Belgrade. “It has always been a technical challenge to do this over water live with on-board cameras but now we have the technology to make this happen and we couldn't be more pleased. It will give the fans a feeling they are actually trimming the boat with the drivers as they fight their way thru the spray going around one of the world's most challenging race circuits. You won't want to miss this.”

The third and final addition to the broadcasting line-up for each Grand Prix weekend will be the airing of the “After Hours” show. This one-half hour program will be airing 60 minutes after the official ending of the Grand Prix. Steve Michael, who is starting his 15th season as the official television “voice” of the UIM F1 H2O World Championship, will be the host. His entertaining style for the fans from throughout the globe will add an interesting twist to the racing weekend with drivers, officials and journalistsjoining the discussion and delving into the finer points of each Grand Prix.

“This is something I've always wanted to do,” said the Florida native. “I promise the viewers that this won't be a show that has paralysis by over analysis. This is going to be fun and with the help of website creator and guru Philippe Stiernon of Belgium. Together, we'll do our best to get our fans interactive by emailing us and have them ask questions to our guests during out one-half hour show. It's all good and should be another step in the right direction in bringing the people a step closer to everyone in this great series.”

The 12th Annual Grand Prix of Portugal in the lovely city of Portimao has seen some of the most exciting race events in the history of the sport. That, mixed with what should be perfect weather along the Algarve coast, should make it another weekend to remember.

 So, if you can't attend, then join us beginning on Saturday the 8th of May for “Live Qualifying” beginning at 14:00 GMT for one hour as the field of drivers from 10 different nations battle for pole position on the 1.8 kilometer circuit.

On Sunday the 9th of May “Live Grand Prix of Portugal” coverage will air from 13:00 to 14:00 GMT followed by the UIM F1 “After Hours” Show Live Streaming on the official website www.f1h2o.com.
Airing between 17:00-17:30 GMT.

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