F1 - 2010 “Lap of Honor” Candidates

Scott Gillman SCOTT GILLMAN – (USA) – The 2nd winningest driver in UIM F1 history...Won 23 of 89 starts for a 25.8% winning percentage...Holds the all-time record of reaching the podium 91.6% of the races he finished (55 of 59)...won his first title his rookie season in 1997 taking 5 of 8 races including four straight...A three time North American Champion (1990, 1995 &1996)...Won titles in the UIM F1 Championship also in 2000, 2002 &2006...His 28 poles are 2nd all-time...Won the famous Lake Havasu event twice while also winning the Parker Enduro Classic...Started in powerboat racing late in life at 25 after racing factory motocross for Suzuki and off-road racing...lead the championship in 2007 before retiring mid-season because of medical problems. Lives in Abu Dhabi and North Carolina.
Jonathan Jones JONATHAN JONES – (UK) – A 2-time World Champion who captured titles in 1991 and again in 1998...Seven times he finished in the top-3 places in the championship...captured titles in the FONDA series in the 1980's and won the American NPA title in 1985...Won the Harmsworth Trophy for the UK in Nassau, Bahama's in December of 1985 out dueling Guido Cappellini and the Seebold family for the title...Won 14 career UIM F1 races...fifth best all-time...Has 27 career podium finishes...A boat builder that holds numerous UK titles since his racing start back in the 1970's. Lives in Cardigan, Wales
Cees van der Velden CEES VAN DER VELDEN – (NED) -  The original “Flying Dutchman” he spent 40 years in the sport as both a driver and builder and designer of race boats. The native of Nistelrode, Holland started racing in 1966 at 23 years of age...In 24 years of racing he won seven World Championships including finishing in the top-three in the UIM F1 series in four of it's first six years of existence...Was both a teammate of Bill Seebold and Renato Molinari in the 1970's...Was part of the famous “Black Angels” with them during that time...He and Seebold won both the Paris Six Hours and the Parker Enduro in the summer of 1974...He was in his prime in the 1970's winning the Continental ON titles in 1974, 1976, 1978 and 1979. He also captured the Continental OZ title in 1977, 1978, 1980 and 1981...After his racing career ended Cees became a race director not only in North America but also for the UIM F1 series...He died of cancer in December of 2006.
Fred Hauenstein FRED HAUENSTEIN – (USA) – A tireless ambassador of the sport, Fred is a true “builder” having been successfully involved in all levels of powerboat racing...An innovative engineer, who has helped develop the Mercury F1 engines that power this sport, while racing and earning 20 titles and records as a driver...He is a well respected UIM and APBA officer working with rules and safety improvements for all of the sport as well as being a true ambassador for the sport for over 20 years...First drove and then helped build OMC factory engines in the early 1970's before switching to Mercury helping develop the famous T-3 and T-4 power plants...Later he worked on the devolopment of engines for both offshore and unlimited hydroplane racing...More recently, Fred has been at the forefront in the conversion to low-emission outboard racing that has dominated at the 24 Hours of Rouen with the F2 and F4 (S) classes...Fred's 'political career” includes four years as APBA President;President of the UIM Sports Commission and continual membership in both the APBA and UIM Safety Committees...Together with his two sons, he continues to race small hydroplanes and is starting his 51st season of racing in 2010...He makes his home in the state of Wisconsin.